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Tales Of Xillia Trademark Filed In The U.S. Too

After filing Tales of Xillia in Europe on March 20, Namco Bandai registered the title in the U.S. a day later.

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Lavalamp3963d ago

Wonder if Namco Bandai's going to announce an international version at their press conference next month.

TheColbertinator3962d ago

I hope so.Really enjoyed Tales of Graces F and Xillia is apparently much better.

D3mons0ul3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

oh you fucking better

Microsoft hasn't laid claims to Xillia since it's a ps3 exclusive, there is absolutely NO reason not to bring it over.

TheColbertinator3962d ago

Sony isn't in charge of bringing anything over from Japan.They do want every available game from Japan to release here but publishers like Namco,Sega and Capcom don't feel like taking many risks.

D3mons0ul3961d ago

But that's why Vesperia wasn't brought over for the ps3. Microsoft made sure it was a regional exclusive. Otherwise, it very well could have been.

Lavalamp3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )


There was no exclusivity contract between Namco and Microsoft over Tales of Vesperia. Those claims were falsified by an uninformed employee who would later retract the statement.

TheColbertinator3961d ago

Not exactly.Namco had a choice to make and accept Microsoft's demand or release Vesperia PS3 in the west.They chose to ignore it and focused on Graces F instead.