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Naruto Shippuden April 2012 Schedule

It’s been a great year so far for Naruto fans as we’ve experienced 3 months of exciting story-progressing action. However, the time for such greatness is over, at least for now, as April will feature a four week special celebrating the Naruto anime’s 10 year anniversary. To headline the month, we will be greeted with a brand new opening (“Totsugeki Rock” by The Cro-Magnons) and ending (“Cascade” by UNLIMITS)!

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TopDudeMan3961d ago

I think I might actually watch these possible flashback episodes. I have been watching naruto for years and have probably forgotten most of what happened near the beginning of it.

Simon_Brezhnev3961d ago

I'm not all the show does it show flashbacks it pisses me off.

FlashXIII3961d ago

What better way to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the anime than with flashback/fillers!! You'd generally think the anime creators would have some common sense and realize that's the worst way to celebrate the huge milestone but remember these are the guys who gave us such craptastic episodes as getting to watch Naruto pick flowers/herbs and boarding ghostships.

So much better things they could have done.. who has seen the battle between the first and madara? I downloaded it but I believe it's on the new game.. they said the battle was only a preview, why not dedicate a two part special to that story and fight? Or how about showing in great detail some other fights that got brushed aside such as when Hanzo fought Orochimaru, Tsunaide and Jiraiya? So many potential awesome things they could do to truly celebrate the fantastic milestone for the fans but nope flashback/fillers!

Simon_Brezhnev3961d ago

I know right this anime has way 2 many flashbacks. Hell One Piece and Bleach combine doesnt top Naruto in flashbacks. They should show an old fight like you said but they wont just want to be lazy.