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Tokyo Anime Fair 2012 Blowout: Part III

A portion of the TAF floor was dedicated to honoring those who received the Award of Merit in this year's Tokyo Anime Award, a sort of lifetime achievement award for those in the anime industry. Creators involved in a variety of aspects of anime production were honored, with awards going to Ippei Kuri (producer), Haruya Yamazaki (screenwriter), Osamu Dezaki (director), Akio Sugino (character designer and animation director), Mitsuki Nakamura (background art director), Jiro Yoshimura (director of photography), Mitsuru Kashiwabara (sound effects creator), Michiaki Watanabe (composer), and Masako Nozawa (voice actress). Each recipient had a section of the floor devoted to a biography about them and their careers, as well as a small glass case showcasing some of their work.

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