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Project A14 officially titled Atelier Asha

Gust’s next Atelier, announced last Sunday as Project A14, is officially titled Atelier Asha, this week’s Dengeki has revealed.

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koga883960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

An Atelier game being developed for the PlayStation Vita? I think I'm in love. This better make it overseas eventually... I hope the purchase of Gust by Tecmo Koei doesn't complicate localizations at all.

Edit: It seems that it actually hasn't been announced for the Vita at the moment, that cover is very misleading with the Vita sitting there.

koga883960d ago

Also, it probably is more than a little pre-mature but with NIS America holding that conference in a couple days perhaps we will see some surprising video game announcements...

TheColbertinator3959d ago

I'm sure NIS is already in talks of localizing Atelier Asha,the series has proven profitable for them.