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Soul Eater Complete Series (Collection 1+2 and Collection 3+4) Review (Capsule Computers)

Soul Eater is one of the most stylistic Anime series out at the moment. Is it as good as the Manga? Should this be a series that you pick up? Read Capsule Computers review to find out.

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D3acon3958d ago

Yes this is a great series. However, I don't think everyone will agree with the ending. At least I didn't fully agree with it, it was one of those instances were you should stop while you're ahead. I'm not saying it was bad but would have been three times better if they would have just stopped. I may blog about this anime later.....hmmmm.

killershadow1173958d ago

I totally agree with you on the ending and how they should have stopped. I hope they go the full metal alchemist route and make another series that is closer to the manga.

tacosRcool3955d ago

Hmmm you guys saying that makes me want to read the manga