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Winter 2012 Anime Season Roundup – Highschool DxD Review [Fandompost]

Issei Hyodo is a 2nd-Year high school student attending Kuo Private Academy, where the girls are extremely plentiful. He attends this school for only one purpose: to create a harem! But far from achieving that goal, he is berated as a pervert, and his initial objective becomes nothing more than a grandiose delusion. But then, after a strange turn of events, Issei makes his first girlfriend, and goes on his first date! In the park at sunset, she draws up close. Will it be his first kiss? Perhaps something even more? As Issei’s head runs wild with romantic fantasy, she smiles and asks him, “Would you die for me?” Without warning, he is killed by the first girlfriend he ever had! But why?!

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this anime was great but as every ecchi show it will go as far as 12 unless it becomes really popular then we see another 12 but what i hate is how every end they introduce a new threat for the main character and leave it .

Simon_Brezhnev3967d ago

For an ecchi show the story was pretty damn good. Might been one of the best ecchi shows i ever seen. BOOSTER GEAR