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Angel Beats! “New Developments” Confirmed

Seventhstyle writes:"Nothing has been explicitly revealed at this point – however, a statement previewing the contents of a special edition magazine, the spring 2012 issue of Dengeki’s “Visual Arts” publication, teases that Angel Beats may still have a future, and more projects regarding the series could be in the works,"

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D3acon3962d ago

I hope there is a second season. I love the very concept for this anime and the characters and voice actors were great (english dubbed) this was my first anime on blu ray. The ending was satisfying as well. I thought the.ova was hilarious.


the ova was the best , it made yuripi into a total bitch for everyone in the squad.
if they continue it i rather it be a prequel from the manga so we get more background on each of the characters specially TK

Soulscare3961d ago

Please God let it be a second series!!! Love the series! Wouldn't mind a game as it would give more time for Character development (which the show lacked).

Soulscare3961d ago

Or rather, a game that's also released in English...

WetN00dle693961d ago

Agreed!! Angel Beats is an amazing series!!
And the OST is fcking awesome!

tiffac0083960d ago

My Soul, Your Beats~ FTW!