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‘Ergo Proxy’ Anime Gets Third Lease On Life

FUNimation has slid out a new bit of information that’s mostly just a tease at this point by signaling that they will be releasing Ergo Proxy some time this year. The series was one that started its life during the Geneon Entertainment days but towards the end, which caused problems with distribution and FUNimation stepped in to act as distributor for many Geneon titles while their licenses were good. This title expired awhile ago according to reports so the news that FUNimation is bringing it back is good (and leaves many fans hopeful for a Blu-ray upgrade at that, though there isn’t one in Japan yet). Check out the newly released trailer below and you can find discussion on this announcement here.

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tacosRcool3960d ago

I want a Blu ray release of the series!

kingPoS3960d ago

I hope they don't change the music, because Radiohead was perfect for Ergo Proxy.

D3acon3959d ago

i was about to purchase this anime. I'm glad I saw this article, I'll wait for the new release and hopefully that will include a blu ray or dvd combo release.