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Ore no Imouto Second Season Confirmed

Kousaka Kirino has confirmed via her Twitter account, the official Twitter of Ore no Imouto, that a second season of Ore no Imouto is set to come – leaving many rioting in joy over more unbelievably cute little sisters.

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D3acon3962d ago

I did enjoy this season mainly because the female was otaku. I wonder if there are any others with the same theme?

Megaman_nerd3962d ago

They have no material to cover in a second season, this must be either an April Fool's joke or this will be one insanely tacky season.

Instigator3962d ago

I think the light novel is at nine volumes at the moment, so they should have plenty to go around. I don't know how much the first season covered, but at 12 episodes it can't be that much.


well they did have 4 ova's after the show(the one when she left to america ending)