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New 'Blood-C: The Last Dark' Teaser Trailer Debuts

With June 2nd, 2012 just around the corner, Production I.G. has a new teaser trailer out for the upcoming release of Blood-C: The Last Dark, which follows up from the promise of the TV series last year that was simulcast by Nico Nico. Similar to that, it's done with CLAMP's designs and ideas and is being helmed by Naoyoshi Shiotani. The TV series was one that divided fans on a lot of levels because of how it played out and the seemingly dreamlike and unusual nature of it but it also went far when it came to the violence, which makes you wonder just how far they'll be able to go when it comes to a standalone movie like this.

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iChii3955d ago

Is Blood-C related to Blood+? They kinda look alike.

DivineHand1253955d ago

From what i watched in blood-C, it has no relation to Blood+ other than the fact that the main character's name is Saya. The enemies in blood C are called elder brains and the anime is allot slower than Blood+.

iChii3955d ago

Ohh so Blood-C's Saya isn't Blood+'s Saya? Alright, that was the reason why I thought they were related. (And because the protagonist is a psycho chick that looks like Saya)

Simon_Brezhnev3955d ago

I have to disagree Blood+ anime series was extremely slow. This show is slow to so they both about the same. I just disliked that soft punk Saya in Blood+.


yea it's a different universe and why continue since the original ended perfectly

Simon_Brezhnev3955d ago

Well they basically made this connect to the XXXholic universe. You know that dog in the series is Watanuki.


wait clamp is making this animes? do they must really connect everything with each specific character. they finished XXXholic with such a big cliff-hanger and tsubasa too.

Megaman_nerd3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Blood-C was easily the absolute worst series of last year. Totally pointless, boring and very retarded. I got interested by the cool looking pics and art style but man, what a waste. The entire series only had 2 good episodes and those were the last 2 because of all the killing and bloodshed (but censored so it wasn't that good after all). Other than that the rest of the series was just Saya singing stupid made up songs and walking to school while having fantasies about her father.