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Toonami May Come Back From the Dead

DualShock Nexus: It looks like someone's wish had been granted by the eternal dragon because Toonami recently came back from the dead.

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D3acon3964d ago

Awsome blogged about a few months back. There was a link to thenetwork were you could request it back. I've missed this for so long I hope they bring it back.

iChii3963d ago

Me too. If it weren't for Toonami, neither Naruto nor One Piece would so famous in NA. Toonami is the reason why I started watching anime and became a gamer.

I REALLY hope they bring it back and MAYBE I'll start watching Cartoon Network again.

firefoxprime3963d ago

Cartoon Network has been pretty awesome since post-2010.

They added Adventure Time, Regular Show, Mad, and the Amazing World of Gumball, Looney Tunes Show, and Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. for :COMEDY

They added Young Justice, Green Lantern, Sym-Bionic Titan, Ben10, Generator Rex, Thunder Cats, and Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 for :ACTION


@ Firefoxprime
CN died after toonami went off the air, most of the cartoons now are just following the spongebob routine. idiotic and flat

TheFirstClassic3964d ago

Without toonami, I would have never started watching anime.

JGZinv3963d ago

It's true! Adult Swim's official Twitter account just asked people to retweet #BringBackToonami to gauge demand. CN's feedback page for Toonami is buckling under the load. Spread the word.

Instigator3963d ago

Was this an American thing? We had CN, but not Toonami or anything anime related except for dubs of Pokemon and the likes. I'd imagine my relationship to anime would be very different if Norwegian tv stations embraced it.


yea it lasted till 05 and then all anime went to AS

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