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MIRAI NIKKI Anime Review- []

Mirai Nikki has a Battle Royale style, supernatural story in which characters duke it out in a complex game of life and death which will eventually leave one person standing.

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geniusgamerdoc3961d ago

First series in which the Anime outdid the Manga.
The art and Animation were top notch.

3960d ago
Simon_Brezhnev3960d ago

Naw this gets a 2/10 for me. Yuki is a pussy among pussies. I gave it 10 episodes thought he would man up but didnt.

iChii3960d ago

2/10 is too much for this piece of crap. I hate pussy protagonists. I mean, Tsunayoshi from Reborn is a pussy but at least he mans up later in the anime. Yuki is a pussy till the very last episode...

Simon_Brezhnev3960d ago


That is just bad that he stays a pussy until the end. I also hate pussy protagonists they up there with dumb ass main characters(Naruto).


i agree with your opinion but the reason i watch this anime is for the pink haired girl killing everyone

Simon_Brezhnev3960d ago

I liked her killing everybody too but i couldnt stand Yuki. Yuki got nothing on Remus(Guin Saga) though.


hey his not as bad as other weak heroes , he killed friends and family with no 2nd thought.