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One Piece's Luffy, DB's Goku Top Fuji TV's Anime/Tokusatsu Hero Poll

Crunchyroll writes:"Fuji TV aired a special 1 Oku 3 Sen Man-Nin ga Erabu Anime & Tokusatsu Hero & Heroine Best 50 (Top 50 Animated and Live-Action Special-Effects Heroes and Heroines, As Chosen by 130 Million People) program on Thursday evening. The program's title is somewhat exaggerated; Japan's entire population is just under 130 million, and the survey asked 14,000 people. Here are the top 50 heroes and top 50 heroines:"

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Simon_Brezhnev2879d ago

Love that list a lot of older generation must picked the stats. Im pretty sure current Japan dont think Lupin III or Kenshiro much of a top hero. I'm so glad Naruto, FT, and Bleach heros not on that list

Baka-akaB2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

I'm sure otherwise . Everytime something Lupin III related is released , it's meeting overwelming success .

And that and kenshiro are parodied and pastiched all the time , it's part of the common japanese pop culture now . Hokuto no ken have even always been in the top 10 best selling manga so far , and easily cracking most top 100 anime series from japanese tv polls