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Fairy Tail Movie Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer has been revealed for the upcoming Fairy Tail movie. Follow the link for more details on the movie and trailer.

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iChii2881d ago

Looks cool. I hope Natsu doesn't depend on someone or something's power. Thats the only flaw I find in Fairy Tail. Natsu always need's someone or something's power to defeat a strong guy. Jellal and Zero for example.

Simon_Brezhnev2880d ago

You know damn well he is going to use somebody power. I wouldnt be surprised if he ates Gray ice this time. I hate Natsu he acts so strong but cant do nothing with his on power.

iChii2880d ago

Yeah. He's supposed to be the protagonist yet, he's kinda weak. I don't hate Natsu, I just don't like him that much because hes not that strong. Maybe he'll get stronger in the future like Naruto, Ichigo, etc. (Even though hes still a pussy.. -.-)

Simon_Brezhnev2880d ago

LOL After that Hades arc i gave up on all up on FT. It started off good Natsu learned fear for the first time. Fought Zancrow and was suppose to lose and pulled a bullshit move. What made me mad the most which basically made me drop it was the fight against Hades. Knocking somebody out with a regular punch.

I tried to give FT another chance did a time skip and thought they would train. Nope they did the exact opposite no training. LOL

At least Naruto and Ichigo trained and learned to fight better in the same amount of FT chapters. I wish Gray got more love.

iChii2879d ago

EXACTLY. Laxus should've won against Hades, not Natsu! When Natsu took down Hades WITH A SINGLE PUNCH I was so disappointed considering Hades was Fairy Tail's 2nd master.

I haven't watched Fairy Tail that much after the time skip so I don't know if they train or not. Either way I'm getting kinda bored of Fairy Tail, I barely watch it anymore lol.

The only time skip where I can say the characters got really epic, is One Piece's time skip. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji got so strong they dealt with the Pacifistas in the blink of an eye.