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Poll: There's No Way My Favorite Anime Sold So Poorly

In a new Biglobe poll, over seven thousand Japanese anime fans named which anime series they found enjoyable, yet sold dismayingly poorly. Ranking is based on fan reaction, and listed with sales count when available.

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Simon_Brezhnev2878d ago

Now im pissed off Kamisama Dolls sold poorly season 2 better still come.

Also mad about Giant Killing and The Legend of Legendary Heroes selling poor. Had such good animation wtf is up with japan. Only thing that sales is ecchi or lolis. Seinen shows never sale good over there.

NewMonday2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Seinen Anime is a niche in Japan, but is the most interesting for us Gaijin.

unfortunately anime production in Japan is most influenced by "market study" that is why we get many copycat shows that cater to the same crowed.

another reason i think is the boom of "Hentai" and "ecchi" anime, it is the thing catered to the adults and overcrowding Seinen Anime. instead of something like Fist of the North Star and Ghost in the Shell we get a show about schoolgirls breastfeeding to power up

SMH ! :(

Simon_Brezhnev2877d ago

LOL I know right. I guess i like seinen more because most of the characters always have common sense. Even when i grew up and not knowning anime the old batman, gargoyles, x-men, and other american cartoons. The main character always had common sense and never was a dumb ass.

The ecchi and loli bullshit is not for adults. Just for them horny ass teens. You know they censor it on purpose and dvd they uncensor it just to get sales.

At least they did Hokuto no Ken something they deserved with all them back to back movies. Just wish the new anime series did good. I am glad we got another Lupin III anime. Today's anime are too soft they are scared of death in animes. Even if they die they come back some crazy way.

kreate2875d ago

dude... ur comment is hilarious.

schoolgirls breastfeeding to power up is ok as long as the story isnt too out there.

im watching 'another' right now and its really epic. any higurashi or siki fans should watch.

2861d ago
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