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First Dragon Ball Z for Kinect screenshots revealed

The first gameplay screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive motion-based fighting title from Namco Bandai Games, Dragon Ball Z for Kinect.

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NewMonday3039d ago

can it recognize 2 players doing the fusion dance?

would get Kinect just for that :P

koga883039d ago

That actually looks really good. Sure it is all posing and stuff like that but the graphics are good and the action looks fun. Good job Namco, don't screw it up.

krazykombatant3039d ago

Yeah no thanks. DBZ Budukai Tenkaiche 3 can do all of this and has wayy more characters. Here I was hoping we would finally get a another good dbz game.

FlashXIII3038d ago

Can't see how it can possibly work.. I remember buying the DBZ game on the Wii back when that console first came out and trying to learn to play the game using the nunchuck literally took me hours. Unless they heavily dumbed this down, a DBZ game and motion control just don't go.

koga883038d ago

From the looks of it you just have to perform the motions shown on the cue-cards, similar to like a dance central game, but rather than dancing you will be fighting. Simple enough adaptation though I'll withhold judgment till I actually see a trailer.

Shadonic3038d ago

its actually really simple to come up with fighting mechanics for a kinect game since all you basically do is mimic the actions being performed to a point. basically mimicking the gesture its possible to make the old DBZ games playable with kinect. I'm hopeing its more free formed and able to allow players to fight how they want to. I would of preferred the fighting style of power up heroes ( check it out) but with DBZ and a lot more polish this is made by the guys who made ultimate tenkaichi a tic tac toe game so my hopes have kind of gone down.

Deadpool6163038d ago

You never know how a game will turn out when the Kinect is involved. Hopefully this turns out to be a satisfying game.

WitWolfy3038d ago

Speak for yourself, I KNEW Star Wars was gonna flop miserably.

Deadpool6163038d ago

Yeah, you're right. The Kinect just isn't ready this generation. It can do somethings right, but everything else falls apart. I'd give it 15 years tops, for a company to properly make a device that can truly register all your movement, without controllers.

slavish3035d ago

last time i checked star wars kinect was number 1 in EU and US.

WitWolfy3034d ago

I dunno, I wouldnt buy Star Wars Kinect even if my life depended on it. The reviews and forums speak for themselves, most of the people just gave into the hype. It will hit the bargain bin soon enough.. You'll see

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