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SPOILERS: Japanese Fans Name Anime's Saddest Deaths

In a recent Biglobe poll, they've asked 5000 japanese anime fans what's they're most memorable death of an anime character, and has come up with a top 50 list.

*Massive spoiler splash zone*

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Simon_Brezhnev2800d ago

WTF I dont recall Soushi Miketsukami dying in Inu x Boku SS.

Either way that is one shitty list. The best deaths are at the bottom.

The one that pissed me off the most is probably Tohru Rikiishi (Tomorrow's Joe). After reading spoilers and since its taking forever to sub i might just drop it because of that.

deep_fried_bum_cake2800d ago

Although a lot of these are on my to watch/read list I have seen enough of them to know that it's a crap list.

They have Hughes death from FMA instead of Nina.

They have Mami from Madoka Magica at the top. It was a shock but it wasn't sad.

Setsuko from Grave of the Fireflies should be much higher than 16th.

It has deaths in DBZ. No death was sad in DBZ because you knew they'd just get brought back.

Seems pretty crap just from the ones I've seen so far.

Simon_Brezhnev2800d ago

Yeah most of the deaths didnt matter to me. I think sad deaths in anime is when its so sad you dont want to rewatch it or not even finish the series. LOL

GillHarrison2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

I agree 100%, I didn't understand why people were so nuts over Madoka Magica until I saw her die. It wasn't at all sad, it was a "holy fuck this show is actually doing something different" moment.

Instigator2799d ago

Agreed! DBZ is the complete opposite of sad, and Nina should at least be up there too. I was expecting Mami to die and wasn't sad when she did. The fact that she's number one shows that it's more a poll of popular characters' deaths in popular shows than well executed deaths.

Setsuko's death is easily in my top 3. It's the reason I don't wanna watch that movie again.

Tsundere-chan from Another shouldn't be on this list. There really wasn't anything sad about that, especially when everyone had gone into hysteria-mode by then. It was much sadder when the extra was killed.

Also; Cowboy Bebop, Where art thou?

deep_fried_bum_cake2799d ago


Yeah with Mami they were hyping up her getting happy so it was obvious that death was coming. I'm not sure many people imagined that the death would be like that though. It certainly does seem to be a popularity contest.

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krazykombatant2800d ago

Mu LaFlaga from gundam seed was pretty sad. I nearly cried when i saw that.

Megaton2799d ago

Setsuko from Grave of the Fireflies should be #1. First and only time I've cried from an anime.

Greyfoxdbz2799d ago

I was really upset with the death of Teresa of the Faintsmile from the anime Claymore.