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Japan Tries To Figure Out Why Everybody Loves One Piece

With manga at a modern-day low in Japan and the profit halved since the peak-year of 1995, publishers and editors are trying to find out why One Piece has stayed so strong throughout and keeps breaking sales records with every volume.

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deep_fried_bum_cake3880d ago

Because it's a fun series. The manga has been going for 663 chapters and I think that it could go on for another 663 without it becoming less entertaining. I didn't realise there was so much hate for the series until I read the comments on this article and I really don't understand why there is hate for it.

Simon_Brezhnev3880d ago

Because its not all about lolis or fan service. The characters are all likable. Luffy is not a stalker like Naruto. One Piece doesnt have bull shit powerups. Just about all fights in OP are a struggle. He doesnt let fans try to chain his story.

I'll tell you why people hate it because its the art style. At 1st i wouldnt give it a try 2 years ago i tried it and watched 400+ episodes in 2 weeks. LOL

I like Bleach but truth be told One Piece is superior in all ways.

Naruto was good until he started stalking Sasuke.

OP is the only show with homosexual characters that are actually funny and likable.

deep_fried_bum_cake3880d ago

I don't see the problem with the art style. Before I knew what one piece was I didn't like the way that Luffy looked but as soon as I started I didn't mind at all.

I have to disagree with you on the power ups bit as after the time skip some of the power ups are ridiculous, plus there are his Gear 2nd and 3rd which sorta came out of nowhere. Having said that though I love all those things.

I also like Bleach and only a couple of months ago I bought the first 3 seasons on DVD, but yeah one piece is vastly superior.

And to your point about Naruto, I actually didn't mind his weird man-love for sakuke but it did obviously get annoying. But currently naruto is very good (in the manga).

NewMonday3879d ago

One Piece doesn't have infinite bad fillers, they slow down the episodes to under 40 a year, and when the fillers do come they lasts about 2 months not a F#@K!ng year.

also it dosnt take itself to seriosly, the comedy is good

another thing is that it keeps going different surreal places with weird people, like Baron Münchhausen

as to the problem with manga, i think it is because the lack of good original material, about 90%(or more) is a copy of the good 10%(or less)

their is always a surge of interest in Anime and manga when something is a hit like with Death Note.

Lucretia3879d ago

I dunno Im da boss, Its not only the art style, for some its because its too long, for some its because its not funny when it tries to be, for some the character designs are no good with few exceptions (Zoro, Law, Nami, Robin) For some the action isn't that good, the story isn't interesting, etc. Im one of the ones who feel that way, I gave it a chance, but i respect 1piece, i understand that people can like it, it just doesnt appeal to some of us. I can't take a riendeer wearing a hat serious when it tries to put a deep story, i just can't. but again thats my taste, not everyones.

now bleach.....that show idk y anyone liked it. Filler filler, filler filler, filler, bad fights, bad story, 1 move through the entire show, no progression, staaale. glad thats done.

onepiece atleast has a consistant story, progression, and does well to please its audience.

Simon_Brezhnev3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

My problem with Naruto is he is purely dumb and never learns his lesson. He is by far the worst popular main character in history of anime. LOL

Luffy even with the 2nd and 3rd gear he still barely won. It's not like it is in most mangs power up and den have no chance of victory.

Right now in the manga of Naruto its boring. Nobody cares about Kabuto pass he should had been dead i hate him the most in the Naruto world. He should focus on one fight at a time. You know most fans want to see the Madara vs Kage batter or the Naruto/Bee/Guy/Kikashi vs Tobi. Kishi has an abnormal obsession with Itachi and Sasuke.

Right now the big 3 should be hmmm.

One Piece, Toriko, and i would say Hunter X Hunter but its on hiatus. Then again the other mangas in Shounen Jump are pretty good IMO. I like Reborn, Nurarihyon, and Beezlebub.

NovusTerminus3880d ago

An abnormal obsession? Sasuke has been AWOL for the last year in the manga, Itachi has been dead for over a year.

And in truth, it's nice to see the focus shift to someone aside from Naruto right now. I like Naruto's manga, but not Naruto as a character.

But you state how OP's writer does not let fans dictate his writing, but demand Kishimoto should, I don't understand this.

On topic for this article, I don't like OP's art, and I don't read a manga if the art or designs.

I don't read any other manga as of right now... Just Naruto, I stopped Bleach after forcing myself through the dreadful Arrancar arc. And I REALLY need to pick up D Gray Man again sometime.

Simon_Brezhnev3880d ago

I guess i should say i like Naruto world but hate the character Naruto. Seriously nobody cares about Kabuto and even if you dont want to see Naruto fight. Madara vs Kages fight is the most exciting fight and what does he do just give us a lil preview and go to gay Sasuke. I mean like 1 out of 1000 people actually like Kabuto. He is a nobody that should had died in the 1st series. Kishi only kept him alive to do that cheap raise the dead move.

D.Gray-Man lately in the manga all they been doing is trolling.

Chidori3879d ago

Kabuto's purpose from the beginning was to carry on Orochimaru's legacy. He wasn't at Orochimaru's side all the time for no reason. I see it as the author proving that Orochimaru really is immortal even if he isn't present physically.

Also, Kabuto has a major role in this war, so yeah, even if you don't like him, he is still a vital character at this point. Are you forgetting that this is a WAR? Several battles are happening simultaneously. It's not just one fight at time where the focus can shift only when the battle is over. It wouldn't work like that as it would defeat the whole purpose of this being a great ninja war with everybody fighting their own battle at the same time. Have patience. While it is probably true that not much people care about Kabuto's past, if you really have been following Naruto for more than one month, you should know that Kishimoto always has a back story to tell about most of his characters to add depth. I myself was hoping to see what this "Izanami" really is with the last chapter, but I know how Kishi works, so it's understandable. Why complain about this? It's a good thing that the author actually cares about his characters.

ON TOPIC: I gave OP a shot some years ago. I remember kinda liking it, but I don't really remember why I stopped following it. The overwhelming amount of chapters to catch up to is the main reason why Iv'e stayed away. The art style was something that took getting used to, and the wacky nature of the manga itself is something I never really admired. I plan to start all over with it again someday hopefully....

Just to mention - Bleach is horrible lol

Flavor3880d ago

One Piece is the kind of story where you can tell the people making it had fun. They didn't care about audience reactions, fan service, merchandising...

Oda and his gang just bang out the most ludicrous, original characters imaginable and somehow tie it together cohesively. Most manga coming out today is so derivative and shallow i can;t even get past the first chapter.

Tuxedo_Mask3880d ago

I've still yet to watch one episode or read one chapter of One Piece. My girlfriend is a fan, and I've heard nothing but good things about it from her and everyone else so I guess I should at least check it out. Do I need to start from the beginning or can I just jump in?

Lavalamp3880d ago

You need to watch it from the beginning. The charm comes from going on the Straw Hats' journey together with them. It helps to create that emotional tether and make all those pivotal moments significant. You'd be doing yourself a disservice otherwise. It'll definitely take you awhile to catch up, there's no doubt about that. But you'll be glad you did it.

LeShin3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Well, the reason I stopped watching One Piece after I think around 400+ episodes (after that floating zombie island/ship)is that there doesn't appear to be any 'consequence' I.e. when there is a battle with some important characters, no one actually dies. You might thing they're dead but they just pop back up so it's hard to get emotionally attached as you know everyone is always practically safe.

For example:


When they went to that Arabian looking country, (Arabasca or something like that I think) after that huge battle you it makes you thinkk that Princess Vivi's (I think that was her name 'Duck Friend' and her bodyguard (that transforms into an eagle) are dead....but lo and behold they're alive. It lessens the effect of their 'sacrifices' they made

Now in Naruto, when the 3rd Hokage dies, it has an effect as you feel the sacrifice he makes to save the village. Worse still is when the Pervy Sage dies as he literally gets tortured before he dies and he was a great funny character, so when Naruto gets depressed about it for a few episodes , you sort of do as well. Also the scenes when it shows how is parents die were really well done too. Makes you respect Naruto as a character because of all the crap he's been through to get from being that annoying trouble maker kid to the serious warrior he is now.

Ryasha3879d ago

Two rather important characters die about 100 episodes from where you left off.
Yeah I know that's a lot of episodes to go through until someone actually gets offed but I'm just saying that someone important to the crew/world does eventually die.

meowthemouse3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

if your talking about white beard and ace they had no role to play at all other being mentioned randomly and appearing in a few episodes. I stopped watching after Luffy beat crocodile, I then realized this anime is targeted ONLY towards kids and "good" will always prevail.
Not to mention the very poor character development, poor humor, and story progression that doesn't make any sense. I find it ridiculous that that two characters would die after 100 all these episodes. There are animes that are 25 episodes long and they have more story and character development than One Piece.

One Piece is clearly not for me, and I keep wondering why is it so popular.

silvacrest3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

regarding the Arabasca characters not dying, do you really care? once the strawhats leave we dont here from them again anyway and if you did, would you really care??

and you somehow missed Ace, sabo (potentially not dead), kuma....the big one is ace, how much time was devoted to him alone, luffys pain after that was just as strong if not stronger then naruto and Jiraiya

since you stopped watching after crocodile you missed the sabo/luffy/ace as kids arc, it ties up everything nicely

you cant really complain about the characters when you dont no all the facts

Simon_Brezhnev3879d ago

You cant speak common sense with Naruto fans. Their almost as worse as Fairy Tale fans. Hell most Naruto fans act like Naruto himself they defy all logic.

Simon_Brezhnev3879d ago

Even if you try to compare Naruto to OP it is pure shit in comparison. It's funny how you want to talk about death. Naruto is suppose 2 be about ninjas but yet he hasn't killed anybody and probably wont. Only death that mattered was probably Pervy Sage. I wasnt depressed you already knew he was going to die. I cant even respect Naruto most kids who grow up like him have common sense period. They know how to survive.

You really got to be kidding me you want to use only good would prevail. When that's Naruto theme. Luffy isnt even a good guy if you knew the facts.

One Piece is an adventure once they leave the place they never come back. The world is so big why stay and come back.

LeShin3879d ago

Naruto hasn't killed anyone?!! Are you for real?!! I'm gonna have to dig up some links to show you how wrong you are. Without even to look, I know one battle springs to mind where he he uses that wind shuruiken which completely annihilates that thread soul stealing Akatsuki ninja. Hell, they even show you he's REALLY dead when you see him getting an autopsy done on him. Try watching the anime before commenting, it just makes you look stupid.

Instigator3879d ago

I don't really wanna get involved in fanwars, but technically Naruto hasn't killed anyone. FRS shredded Kakuzu beyond function, but he didn't die. It was Kakashi that finished him with Chidori afterward. I could link you to the manga page, but I doubt think it's allowed to link to online scans.

With that said, no main character in a Jump manga aimed at the lower half of the Shounen demographic has really killed anyone. As far as I know, at least. It's apparently an important part in creating a character.

smashcrashbash3879d ago

People who say this kind of rubbish probably never watched One Piece in their life. I don't understand what is the nonsense with NOBODY actually dies. Since when is that a deciding factor in how good an anime is? How are Ace and Whitebeard not important. Luffy's brother and the guy who basically one if the rulers of the sea were not important? So what if most of the death were done in the past? Does that make them less relevant? So if Nami's mother died in real time that would make it better? So her death shaping Nami's life is not important?

And what about Sabo, Luffy's childhood friend brutally murdered by the Dragons? Or Kuma manipulated by the government or his brother dying in his arms? Luffy and his crew have probably gone through more pain and loss then half the people in Naruto. Did any hater even see the episode when Zoro took ALL of Luffy's pain? Who in Naruto has done anything that even equal to that?

And finally the animation. One Piece was always a surreal type of show. The people who draw it obviously were going for a more cartoony look. Anyone ever read Alice in Wonderland. Even though the characters had over exaggerated features, was it bad art? No. That is the look they were going for. At least they did on purpose. Naruto characters look ugly in so many ways and it wasn't even done on purpose.

I don't know why I am even talking about this. Only haters don't know why One Piece is popular. It's the reason why people still love the fillers for One Piece and not the ones for Bleach or Naruto. It's because the characters are interesting beyond the battles.No one cares what Naruto or Ichigo when they are not fighting. In One Piece people want to know about their every day lives as well as the fights. Naruto is like DBZ. 'Your not locked in combat? Who gives a crap about your daily life?' I remember in the episode with Goku learning how to drive a car and in Naruto with them trying to see what was behind their Sensei's mask and thinking 'Who gives a $hit?'

LeShin3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

You're actually spouting nonsense and you're letting your fanboyism get in the way of intelligence. Tell me, what is the point of a life or death situation/ battle if there isn't ever any death? I don't care about things like death if I'm watching a comedy anime with NO battles, but when you hype up a fight and putting the potential stake of 'death' as an outcome, it cheapens the thing when you know there is really no risk. The main character would be obviously excluded from this , but everyone else should be fair game.

Also, just because YOU don't care what happens to Naruto or any character in the series in their daily lives, doesn't mean everyone feels the same way. You're not the only person to get to have an opinion in the world. What an idiotic comment to make

smashcrashbash3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

Awwww!!!! Look at me I am crying a river. Because Luffy is a better person and doesn't kill people that makes Naruto a better show. There a literally hundreds of shows out there where the main characters don't kill anyone and the main villains death is the only significant death in the whole show and the show is still a great show.

The fact that death is the only thing that makes Naruto significant to you just is more proof what I am talking about. That is all Bleach and Naruto are about is who your going to kill next and what fight your going to fight. That is why their fillers are so much $hit because no one cares about the characters beyond the battles they fight. 'Who really gave a $hit about Sakura growing her hair long for Sakuke? No one did. I watched Naruto and wished they would just shut up and fight after listening to them explain every move they made like if it was Pokemon or something.They threw in death to keep people from being bored.

One Piece has so much more going for it beyond who can kill who. Even their friendship are better then the pretend friendships that seem to only exist in Naruto's head. Luffy basically destroyed a whole island and prison just to get Robin and Ace back.

You can get angry all you like but even Naruto and Bleach fans admit that the fillers are the worst parts of the show when they attempt to try to shoe horn in some sort of relevance in their life beyond conflicts. One Piece fans watch every episode of every filler and very few say that they wish that they would move on.

You know how many people loved the Davy Back fight and the lost memories episode in One Piece compared the the bug hunt or the 'see what is under Sensei's mask rubbish in Naruto or the Karokuto Man nonsense with Kon in Bleach? I am just giving my opinion here and you don't need my permission to watch Naruto but when an anime's own fans admit that the characters have no value beyond just dying to cause conflict and drama something is wrong.People who defend Naruto usually defend it with death and animation. One Piece people defend it with story,drama, characters and relevance of fillers. I've listened to the arguments before. The first thing people say is 'a least people die in Naruto' and that is the defense they constantly hide behind.

@ Megaman_nerd. I agree with that second part. Naruto in a short time is already more powerful then everyone and Ichigo is already as powerful as any Soulreaper. Luffy and crew are not even as powerful as an Admiral as yet. To make it worse the fact that they could always make the excuse that it's the fox spirit help Naruto or Ichigo's sword giving them power in a pinch but Luffy and crew have to fight with pure will power.

Ryasha3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

This is more so in reply to the other comment you made about Naruto killing people.
Naruto has not killed anyone to my knowledge. The fight you're talking about against Kakuzu didn't result in Naruto killing him.
Naruto severely wounded him and destroyed all the extra hearts he had within him but KAKASHI dealt the final blow.

Death_Grin483879d ago

You made an account to show your displeasure in this series' lack of killing, and this is the best you can come up with? There are many ways to make a good series, and honestly, having constant death of important characters is cheap, and has less effect when you know it's coming (Pervy sage's death was obvious the moment he talked to Tsunade about investigating that rain village).

If fights and death are the only thing you care about in a series, then you should probably stick to DBZ and Deathnote. Let the rest of us enjoy the variety.

Such a simpleton...

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