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Editorial: On Kadokawa Pictures and Restricted International Blu-Ray Releases

AnimeNews pens an editorial piece which circles around Kadokawa’s apparent new rules on international Blu-Ray releases.

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Archaic3154d ago

What a stupid, shortsighted decision by Kadokawa pictures. If they're having so many issues there, that should just be an indicator to them that their distribution model in their own country needs some serious work. Maybe they should, as other companies are looking into, just drop their international licensor's and just distribute their own Blu-Rays internationally with English subtitles already on them.

koga883153d ago

The whole thing is, at least with most Japanese companies that we've seen lately, a lot of them refuse to change and they view outside business as a reason for their failures. Rather than blame internal issues they seek out external issues and blame it on that instead.

They also will likely not distribute their own stuff overseas as it will probably just make for even poorer sales. Sure adding English subtitles wouldn't cost too much extra, but it would mean that they would have to recoup any expenses to distribute releases internationally.

Plus they would likely follow the obscure Japanese pricing structure for anime which would only make for even poorer sales. For example, some people don't like NIS America's sub only releases because they are usually expensive. However they usually balance the price out with an art book and a collectible case, but that is also a whole series usually. If Kadokawa releases a 12 episode series in 3 parts for $60 each then only die-hard fans are going to want to spend that much.