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Tegami Bachi – Series Review [Anime Aura]

Anime Aura writes:"What made Tegami Bachi stand out for me more than anything else was the story being almost game-like; by that I mean something resembling a Final Fantasy game, which has many quests (some side stories) whilst still progressing with the main story."

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TheColbertinator2915d ago

My favorite aspect of Tegami bachi was the atmosphere.The show is quite gorgeous.

Simon_Brezhnev2914d ago

Yeah at first i thought it was going to be lame so i didnt try it out until the second season. I judged the anime by how it look. I got sick of lil kids. LOL. Then i was like this is pretty good way better and i saw both seasons in 3 days. LOL

TheColbertinator2914d ago



It was somewhat annoying how Lag Seeing cried constantly.Made his character irritating at times.

Simon_Brezhnev2914d ago


Lag was pretty annoying. I do like the adventure. They just dont make good adventure animes anymore.