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Bakuman Manga to End on Monday, April 23

Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata are ending their Bakuman manga series in this year's combined 21st/22nd issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on Monday, April 23. The magazine asks their fans to look forward to their next work. The 18th compiled book volume will go on sale on May 2, and the 19th and 20th volumes will follow in June and July, respectively.

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Instigator2908d ago

Noooo.... I knew it was coming, but now that it's confirmed it feels so sad. One of my favorite slice-of-life's for sure.

iChii2908d ago

Is this anime good? Once the Anime Ends, I'll give it a try.

Lavalamp2908d ago

I've heard it's a pretty commendable adaption of the manga.

Instigator2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

The manga is slightly better, but you can't go wrong with the anime either. It goes really in-depth in the process of creating manga, and it wouldn't be a stretch to say that I've learned more from Bakuman than any other series out there.

The 50 episodes across 2 seasons only cover around half the series though, so by the time the anime ends you'll some catching up to do.

TheColbertinator2908d ago

Maybe now Obata can work on something similar to Death Note again

ShoryukenII2905d ago

I haven't started Bakuman and I will (I'm sure its great), but Obata can do better than this (not as bad as Arakawa writing about farming though). I hope he does something similar to Death Note as well. :]