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Summer Lineup 2012[]

Here are some of the shows that are expected to air during the summer season.

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Vashthatstampede3884d ago

I really hope the summer season is better than this spring has been. We need something really good!

Megaman_nerd3883d ago

it seems this year is gonna end without a single memorable anime if things keep going like this.

mamotte3883d ago

mm.... maybe it's only me, but I'm really enjoying this season. January-march was boring (aside from danshi koukosei no nichijou), but right now I'm really happy, Misterious Girlfriend X, Eureka Seven AO, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, Uchuu Kyoudai... not bad at all.

Cennus3883d ago

I like line-ups like DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and Kenshin.

JAMurida3883d ago

Eureka Seven AO and Jormungand alone will do it for me this Summer. Don't really care for anything else, other than Sankarea, which I read some of the manga to a while back.

Simon_Brezhnev3883d ago

Yeah thats what i watch 2 now. I hope Kingdom will be good.

azeriraz3881d ago

So far the spring season has been pretty good! I'm not sure if the summer season can match up