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Retro Movie Review: Akira[]

Take a look back at one of the most influential anime movies of all time, in this retro review of Akira.

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Cennus2903d ago

Best anime movie ever. So glad they didn't go through with the remake. Keep it in its original form.

crxss2903d ago

it's good but it's not the best anime movie ever imo. there's always Princess Mononoke

Veneno2902d ago

Far from being the best anime ever. But it is one of the best technically. And sadly, it pales when compared to the manga, which is actually my favorite manga of all time.

Vashthatstampede2902d ago

i actually agree with cennus on this one without movies like Akira then i don't feel like movies like Princess Mononoke would ever have made it

ShoryukenII2902d ago

I watched this movie a long time ago and thought that it was pretty good. I'm not sure why people go so crazy for it though. I also prefer Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.

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