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Saiyuki - Review [UpperpPad]

Sayuki is set in a world where demons and humans have learned to live in peace, but all this is destroyed by the anomalies that have crazed demons making them fierce and bloody, triggering chaos in the world. Our protagonists are the monk Genjo Sanzo Hoshi, leader of the party, who was commissioned to discover and resolve the cause of the anomaly. He's companions are Son Goku, an heretic originated from the earth itself, Sha Gojyo half demon recognizable by red hair and eyes, and Cho Hakkai, a man who killed 1000 demons after he changed his very nature becoming a demon in turn. This group, formed by the most incredible mix of people, leaves for the west without knowing what they are about to face in this journey that will take them much farther than they could even remotely imagine.

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