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Where is Animes next Big Title?[]

Will there ever be another big title for anime in the United States?

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Vashthatstampede2560d ago

I love anime but there hasnt been a great show since cowboy bebop and trigun i feel like all this stuff is just filler.

Megaman_nerd2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Hellsing, Ghost in the Shell, Black Lagoon, Gungrave, etc. all of them came after Cowboy Bebop and they are of equal quality (or in the case of Ghost in the Shell) superior to it in literally every way. And let's be honest, Trigun is just nostalgia because that anime isn't even that good.


KidMakeshift2559d ago


You just recommended some awful anime.

You probably like Highschool of The Dead too.

Yes, most anime today is shit

Tuxedo_Mask2560d ago

Never say never. Some might say that Bleach or Naruto have already filled that role, but I'm sure there's something that will rise in the US somewhere on the horizon.

FurankuTedaka2559d ago

That is what I believe...There maybe something out there we just have to give it a little more time and then we will get it.

Honest_gamer2559d ago

one piece, clannad, air, kanon, elfen lied, full metal panic but overall one piece is the best everyone would watch that, the sub version, who ever watched englich dubs :S

GillHarrison2559d ago

For a show to be giant in the US it would most likely have to be dubbed.

chadwarden2559d ago

yup. already replaced bleach with naruto next in its sites

Vashthatstampede2559d ago

I don't think fairy tail will be big enough in the US not to DBZ standards.