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Raqiya - Review [UpperPad]

Raqiya is a work of futuristic, but not too much, because we are in a near future where the Gnostics and Catholics, two factions of Christianity have now arrived at loggerheads after a dispute waged for centuries. Unaware of all that lives hes life Azuki Luna, a lovely girl of Japanese descent residing in America. While traveling with his entire family, Luna has a strange encounter with a homeless person on the roadside. This meeting will mark the fate of Luna, in fact her family will crash into a truck and they all die in the impact unless her. Once she recovered consciousness in hospital, Luna had a dreamlike vision of the demon Abraxas, who announces that she is a kind of reincarnation of a goddess. The demon to proposes her a deal, to save her family in exchange of the sacrifice of ten people. From here on she will be in the middle of the feud between Catholics and Gnostics, who see in her, respectively, a Goddess the antichrist.

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