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The 5 Worst Animes Of All Time []

This is a discussion that everyone differs on but always ends in a heated debate, calm discussion, or even sometimes the rare fisticuffs are thrown, but let's take a look at what we here at Anime Kiosk believe to be the 5 Worst Animes of All Time.

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LuffythePirateKing2787d ago

Hahaha this list is great! Its like a b movie list for anime hilarious

Noctis Aftermath2787d ago

Why did they use a picture of fate/stay night? trying to drum up more hits i take it? not going to visit this site again.

Lucretia2786d ago

for real, i was like "OH HELL NO"

although The unlimited Blade Works movie is far superior to the stay series Which just try mashing all 3 routes of the game in one (still awesome though)

I have to say Fate/zero is amazing

MEsoJD2787d ago

They forgot to add Infinite Stratos.

Vashthatstampede2787d ago

i dont agree 100% with this list but reading it made me laugh so hard the writer gets so angry at some of them

FurankuTedaka2787d ago

Leave a comment on what your worst 5 are. That's why we put it up :)

Vashthatstampede2787d ago

5: Psychic Wars
4: Hamtaro
3: Ninja Resurrection
2: D.I.C.E
1: MD Geist

LuffythePirateKing2787d ago

My wost five are
5: Vampire Wars
4: Eiken
3: Duel Masters
2: Ultimate Muscle
1: SD Gundam

Vashthatstampede2787d ago

OMG i forgot about vampire wars and eiken hahaha they were sooo bad

LuffythePirateKing2787d ago

I wish i could forget those shows but they are stuck forever haunting me lol

FurankuTedaka2787d ago

Yeah, it's pretty hard to decide on what the worst ever are but it at least leads to a hilarious discussion lol


here are my 5
1. Dragonball
2. Yuyu Hakusho
3. Ruroni Kenchin
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Avatar the last Airbender

BlackPrince 422786d ago

5. Gundam Seed Destiny
4. Samurai Deeper Kyo
3. Devil May Cry
2. Rage Master
1. Beyblade animes

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Cennus2787d ago

I know it's not the worst out there but I felt that Rockman.EXE Beast made the series take a nosedive. At least Beast+ brought in Zero. Beast had nothing good. Oh, kinda like Rockman.EXE 6.

Megaman_nerd2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

nothing beats ZZ Gundam! I mean, after a masterpiece of a series like Zeta Gundam comes up its sequel just to ruin everything. The anime is so bad that when the compilation movies of Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam New Translation came out they changed the ending to go straight to Char's Counterattack and ignored ZZ Gundam altogether.

Now the question is, what were they thinking when they replaced the entire cast with kids and tried to add comedy elements to an anime about war and stuff? By the end of the anime these kids (13 years old kids) took over the Argama and they alone defeated the entire Zeon army! But the thing is, not even Amuro, Kamille and Char with the full support of the Earth Federation, AEUG and Karaba could do it but these bunch of kids did it! And with only 4 Gundams and 1 spaceship/carrier! 0__0

Ryasha2787d ago

I prefer ZZ to Zeta.
Zeta really just bored me most of the time and the other times I was just annoyed with Kamille.

And I'm pretty sure the Zeta movies weren't due to ZZ being seen as bad to anime fans but because people just didn't like the Zeta ending itself.
You can see it that way if you want but it's not the true reason for the movies existence.

Lavalamp2787d ago

Why is there a picture of Khronos Gear juxtaposed with the the Duel Masters entry?

FurankuTedaka2787d ago

The picture was put up due to the terrible subtitle underneath

Instigator2786d ago

Not the article picture, but this one:

It's from Khronos Gear but pictured next to Duel Masters.

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The story is too old to be commented.