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‘Hells Angel’ Japanese Blu-ray Announced With Subtitles

One of the features from Madhouse that seems to get little attention is that of the 2008 release of Hells Angel. The feature, which was announced back in 2005 and suffered several delays, got a brief film circuit run and a minor 2009 theatrical premiere in Japan but never got much attention overall and doesn’t even retain its original page on the Avex site anymore. But that’s changing a bit now that what appears to be the first home video release for it is set with an August 3rd date in Japan where the Blu-ray will contain English subtitles. The feature was directed by Yoshiki Yamakawa based on a screenplay by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu and Yoshiki Yamakawa. They worked from the original story by Sin’Ichi Hiromoto and involved character designer Kazuto Nakazawa for the work.

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