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Retro Review: Darker Than Black[}

This weeks Retro Review is not to old but definitely one that we here at Anime Kiosk feel needed to be done.

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LuffythePirateKing3719d ago

pretty good show definitely one of the better new shows out

LuffythePirateKing3719d ago

if you are a fan of trigun obviously you are than you will like this

Vashthatstampede3719d ago

it doesnt look anything like trigun i dont see how you put them together

LuffythePirateKing3719d ago

it is different than trigun but its sci-fi action drama and kinda plays like trigun you would like it trust me :)

FurankuTedaka3719d ago

It truly is a show that most anime fans can get into, it has elements from all different genres that make you just like the show.

Saladfax3719d ago

Less melodrama and a smooth story arc provides their relative similarities.

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Kur03719d ago

Don't listen to Luffy. Its a very good anime and also nothing much at all like Trigun.

ShoryukenII3719d ago

Fantastic show. I hope they make another season after Astral Ocean.

ExCest3719d ago

Definitely will as the second season left an opening for a third.

FlashXIII3719d ago

Never really got on with it.. good in many ways but the whole 2 episode story thing annoyed me. Might try and get into it again as many consider it great.

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