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Kids on the Slope: First Impression Review []

We are only 4 episodes into the show but Anime Kiosk would like to take a look at Kids on the Slope.

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LuffythePirateKing2544d ago

ive been watchin this on crunchyroll i honestly didnt think i was gonna like it but i actually like it alot

Vashthatstampede2544d ago

what exactly is the show about i have crunchyroll but i havent watched this yet?

FurankuTedaka2544d ago

Read the review, gave a pretty good description about what the show is about and what it's like :)

Vashthatstampede2544d ago

I just got to read it and waych an episode its pretty good definitdly onr people should watch

Instigator2543d ago

I like this show so far. Arguably the best one in a surprisingly good season.