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Top 5 DBZ Villains as Chosen By You []

All week we at Anime Kiosk have been taking votes from you, the readers to see who you think is the Best Villain in Dragon Ball Z, now we finally have the results of the poll. There were no special circumstances for the villains to be chosen, it was simply who you thought was the best overall bad guy throughout the series.

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LuffythePirateKing2780d ago

i think janemba should have been on this list not bojack

Vashthatstampede2780d ago

i thought lord cold should have been used more in the series but they didnt

LuffythePirateKing2780d ago

as cool as lord cold is i wouldnt want him in place of frieza

Vashthatstampede2780d ago

i wouldnt either i just feel they could have done more than just a few appearances and budokai 3 says that lord cold is stronger than frieza

LuffythePirateKing2780d ago

if thats the case i agree i just wouldnt want them to take anything away from frieza he was the shit

Vashthatstampede2780d ago

Also I meant king cold not lord mistake

FurankuTedaka2780d ago

His name was King Cold, not Lord Cold, but I agree I would have liked to have seen him more too.

Cennus2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I think the list was missing a few names but my favorite won anyways. Frieza was the best villain in DBZ by far. Cell is a close second but Frieza takes the cake.

Would have been nice to see Janemba, Garlic Jr., and Lord Slug on the list. They never get mentioned.

Edit: Also, Cooler.

aDDicteD2780d ago

nice list! but between frieza and cell i'd choose cell on the top spot

CLOUD19832780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Frieza must be No1 no brain because he is the one responsible for the deaths of both Goku's & Vegeta's father and the destruction of planet Vegeta there is so much backstory behind this Arc & so many reasons to hate him, also in this Arc Frieza kill both Vegeta & Krillin and that's what trigger SSJ mode on Goku for the first time so this Arc is by far the most memorable of the series :)

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The story is too old to be commented.