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One Piece Manga Is 1st to Sell 100 Million Since 2008

After this week's sales, Oricon has calculated that over 100 million copies of One Piece have been sold in four years — making it the first series in any book category to break 100 million in sales since the company began publishing its ranking charts in April 2008.

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noprin3853d ago

and I thought naruto was the most popular manga right now..

Honest_gamer3853d ago

funny one piece has just reached 300 million naruto is at something like 116 million? naruto as the most popular lol also thats jsut one pieces japanese manga sales and thats narutos world wide sales

Amaterasu53853d ago

One Piece is more popular as a manga but Naruto is way more popular as a whole franchise.
They both are meh though.

Honest_gamer3853d ago

when one piece sells more a year that the rest of the top 10 manga's combined, it doesn't matter about the franchise for instance the Naruto video games the ultimate storm series all 3 of them only sold half a million whereas the one piece game sold over a million in the 1st week in japan alone the only anime and manga that makes more money that one piece is gun dam and evangelion, i can hear the bragon ball people crying right now at the thought of one piece being more populat than dragon ball, one piece is the most popular manga in HISTORY over 50 million units ahead of the 2nd most popular and thats just one piece's japanese sales

Simon_Brezhnev3853d ago

Of course somebody with a name Amaterasu would say Naruto is popular as a franchise. It's a reason OP sells better than Naruto. Tell me what part of Naruto is more popular.

Only reason Naruto gets more games because its ninjas and the whole manga is about fighting and special moves. It's quicker to do a fighting game than an adventure.

Another reason you probably think its more popular is because more the west like Naruto more.

Instigator3853d ago

Cheers to Oda, I guess. Those are crazy numbers in only four years, and almost equals the lifetime sales of it's biggest current rival.