Tearmoon Empire Story Announces Anime Adaptation – Release Date, Plot, and Trailer

tearmoon empire story isekai anime adaptation

In the last few years, there has been an influx of isekai manga and manhwa centering on the female lead being isekai-ed into a new world or just reborn. (Finally, something for us women that includes isekai!) Tearmoon Empire is one such story, and thankfully it will receive an Anime Adaptation. So, if you wanna find out more about the release date, plot, and trailer, follow this guide.

Tearmoon Empire Story – Release Date and Trailer

Studio Silver Link will adapt the Light Novel Tearmoon Empire Story into an anime adaptation. It will premiere during the Fall of 2023, during October. At the current time of writing, we do not know the number of episodes or the exact date. However, we will endeavor to update this article when new information arises.

The plot of Tearmoon Empire Story

The story will follow the main female lead, Mia Luna Tearmoon, a fallen princess of the Tearmoon Empire. In her previous life, she was a selfish princess and thus sentenced to three years in the Dungeon. Waiting for her at the end of her sentence is the Guillotine, the means to her end… or was it?

After she is offed with her head, she wakes up in her 12-year-old body. The memories of the Guillotine are still fresh in her mind, and she sets out to be a better princess for the Tearmoon Empire. However, it’s not because she suddenly has a change of heart; it’s purely to prevent death by Guillotine once more. (Although, over time, she would like to be the princess everyone thinks she is)

And with that, we conclude our guide on Tearmoon Empire Story’s anime adaptation release date, trailer, and plot. Princess Isekai manhwa is the latest craze; if you want to check out something new, we have some guides for you! First, check out Best Isekai Manhwa (Princess Edition); you can also check out All Manhwa That Got An Anime Adaptation.


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