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Christmas Contest Entries Close Soon!

Entries for our two Christmas Contests are due by 11:59 PM (American Pacific Standard Time), December 31st 2014.

If you're having trouble submitting your entries via the ticket form I indicated in the earlier posts, you may PM me your entries. Feel free to PM me if you're not sure about your entries having gone through as well. If you've just forgotten about getting your entry in, don't fret, you've still got plenty of time to get started with both of the competitions.

For the trivia contest, don't worry if you don't know the answers to them all, just submit the answers that you do know and come back to any you have left later. Better to make sure you've got your runs on the board than to miss out totally! Nobody has a perfect score here yet (or has submitted answers to all the questions, for that matter), so it's still anybody's game!

For the creative contest, keep in mind that you're graded on ideas rather than skill, and that you score points separately for each challenge you do. We don't expect most (if any!) people to complete every single one, and completing just a few would more than likely put you in the running for a prize! There's not a lot of entries at all in this one yet, so everything is still wide open!

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Stringerbell1984d ago

Working on a few things for the creative contest, hope to have everything in later today!

Archaic1976d ago

Congratulations to our Christmas Contest Winners!

Trivia Contest
1st Place: Alixithymia - $150 USD (or equivalent) Amazon Gift Card
2nd Place: Marow - $100 USD (or equivalent) Amazon Gift Card

Creative Contest:
Pheceenatic - $150 USD (or equivalent) Amazon Gift Card

Nominations for the AnimeShinbun Awards will open this weekend, and last for 1 week, with voting then staying open for the rest of the month.

Marow1976d ago

That's surprising! I didn't even answer many questions, it felt like. Few entrants?

SynGamer1976d ago

I'd be curious to see how many people entered. I hardly visit the site these days. It just looks and functions terribly on my phone.

Archaic1974d ago

There were fewer entrants than last year, yes. Given the circumstances, I suspect we either started later than people were hoping for, or the new format with all the questions at once wasn't as attention getting as the previous formats with the questions drip fed.

Stringerbell1976d ago

Wow cant believe I won, thanks so much!