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AnimeShinbun 12 Days of Christmas Trivia 2015

Hi everyone and welcome to our 12 Days of Christmas Trivia. =)

Here's how things are going to work. Rather than giving you a new question a day as we have in some past years, I'm going to give you all 12 questions in one big lump, to make sure you've all got time to hunt down the answers. For all of the questions this year, we're specifically asking about 2015 anime series which have streamed legally online for the first time this year. This includes 2nd seasons, sequels, and remakes, as well as all anime that has streamed on genre specific services like Crunchyroll and Daisuki, and general streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, but excludes anime which start airing in late December after this post has gone live.

As a small hint to get you... while we've tried to spread the questions across as many series as possible, we did double-up on one series. You'll have to wait and see which it is though. ;)

While the contest is called the 12 Days, that's more just due to the number of questions than anything else. You'll have until 11:55 PM (American Pacific Standard Time) on December 31st to get your entries in. If a tiebreaker is needed, we'll first go to least number of incorrect answers (ie. it's better to submit no answer to a question than to submit a wrong answer), and then to an additional tiebreaker question if necessary.

You don't receive more points for submitting early, so take your time and think about the answers before you put them in. You will not be allowed to change them afterwards.

To submit your entry, open a ticket using the link below, and include in your first message that it's for the 12 Days of Christmas Trivia.
You can use this same ticket (which you'll be able to find in after you start it) for the creative competition as well.
Please be aware will NOT be accepting answers through PM, or through replies in this thread. You must use that ticket system.

Good luck!
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Question 1.
Vocaloids have been used in a number of casting gags in anime over the years, such as their apperance in a Zetsubou Sensei sketch. Name a non-human character from a 2015 anime whose voice is a Vocaloid casting gag, along with their voice actor.

Question 2.
What (non-pornographic) 2015 anime explicitly shows a number of its main cast engaging in Love Making repeatedly throughout the series.

Question 3.
How many different anime series broadcasting in 2015 involved game-like characters and/or worlds?

Question 4.
Who is the Argonaut, and what's so special about them?

Question 5.
Which Japanese singer had their first overseas performance this year singing the opening theme to a 2015 anime?

Question 6.
2015 was full of anime sequels and spin-offs. But in which of the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn/Fall) were the most sequel and spin-off anime series broadcast?

Question 7.
Treachery is a common plot trope. But if we're talking of 2015 anime and we ask you who the traitor was, well, surely we'd have to be talking about *that* anime, wouldn't we? So, who was the traitor?

Question 8.
If two women from a foreign land told you they wanted to see books about art, where should you really be taking them?

Question 9.
Don't always believe the subs. What character was incorrectly identified in subs on official English language streams as one rank lower than the rank he was referred to in the actual dialogue?

Question 10.
A number of anime this year have had rather non-traditional origins. Name two anime that broadcast this year which owe their beginnings to independent web comics.

Question 11.
What was the first episode of this year's eponymous named mecha series where the characters actually said the eponymous name in dialogue?

Question 12.
Legal issues are surprisingly uncommon in this industry. Which two anime that broadcast this year have repeatedly faced legal troubles over their runs due to their use of unauthorized parodies?

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Not much time left to get entries in for this competition! Better be fast!