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Resumption of AnimeShinbun Contests from September 1st

Hello everyone!

Well, I'm back. For those of you wondering where I've been, turned out that moving into a new house was only the start of my internet troubles. My brief respite didn't even last a week after I made the last blog, and for the past several months I've basically had no home internet whatsoever after serious issues emerged with the line. It's only in the last week after months of back and forth with my ISP, and a series of contractors and technical support staff physically coming out to test and repair the problem with the cables, that the problems with my line have finally been fixed for good.

With my return will come the resumption of the regular monthly contests on AnimeShinbun. Starting from September 1, we'll be starting over with the regular prizes for contributors and commentators, with 4 winners per month receiving $50USD in Amazon Gift Vouchers. In the meanwhile, I'll be sorting out things with those who won contests but didn't receive their prizes due to my absence, including as yet unannounced prize winners for March and April. My apologies to all of you for the long absence here, we'll make sure to get you sorted out as soon as possible.

March Winners:
Captain Yesterday, DEATHxTHExKIDx, medabotds, Stringerbell

April Winners:
KBug93, sonicwrecks, The_Otaku, Thunder_God

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sonicwrecks1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Hooray! Hopefully we'll be back to normal - and caught up to date - soon,