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April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!


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Cat|3607d ago |Blog Post|8|

Hey, AS faithful! My name is Cat and I'm a NewsBoiler Admin, though if any of you know me it'll probably be from N4G!

If you have won a prize in an AS contest and not yet received it, I want you to post below with the month(s) and prize(s).

If you don't already have your profiles updated to include the necessary personal info (email, mailing address) DON'T post it below, I'll get it from you via contest ticket. :)

Thanks for your patience, let's get you your goods!


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tayz3607d ago

Hi Cat!

I won in February and April 2012, but haven't gotten a prize for either. I generally get $100 for each win.

I also won in December for a Christmas contest, but I don't know how much I would get for that since it was a physical item (i can only accept amazon/paypal).

Cat3607d ago

I'll look up December, we issue alternate prizes at equal or greater value.

koga883607d ago

As for winning a contest previously, I won a blog contest back in May, just a small heads up if you haven't seen it yet.

Archaic3607d ago

I've just forwarded to Cat a full list of the prize winners from February this year onwards, together with the correct values for the prizes. Will post that here later once I check a few things with her.

tayz3607d ago

Archaic-sama, you have returned!!! yaaaa! party time!!!!

koga883607d ago

Hey Archaic, it is good to see you back and alive, after such a long absence I think a number of us were concerned about ya.

SimplyOtaku3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

I guess I won something in the February/March Contest. I got a prize on 5th of March though, but I think that was from the December Contest, so I'm not quite sure what that was. :3

LawofTD3596d ago

Oh okay. At first when I got the notice that I won the other day I sort of thought this was a scam. Sorry about that but free money for doing things you enjoy don't usually happen too often.