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April is my last month with HAVAmedia, thank you for the past 7 years!


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May & June Contest Winners

Cat|3597d ago |Blog Post|8|

Better late than never!

May Contest Winners:
Blog Contest: (No blogs posted, prize reassigned to contributor contest)
Contributor Contest: Lavalamp1138, Tuxedo_Mask, Instigator, kyosuke

June Contest Winners:
Contributor Contest:
Random Draw: SimplyOtaku
Weighted Draw: Lavalamp1138
Commentator Contest:
Random Draw: Simon_Brezhnev
Weighted Draw: deep_fried_bum_cake
All prize winners receive a $60 USD Amazon gift card, and will be notified via AnimeShinbun contest ticket.

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Tuxedo_Mask3597d ago

Thanks Cat, and congratulations everyone!

Lavalamp3597d ago

Awesome! Great job guys, let's continue to have another great month!

tayz3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )


where is the love!?! no prize for tayz?! *cry*

lol btw congrats to the winners :)

deep_fried_bum_cake3597d ago

Yay. What does weighted draw mean?

Cat3597d ago

It was an experimental contest Archaic tried out where, for example, contributors that used more sources scored more points.

Archaic3596d ago

Just a quick correction on that.

Those who've been here a while will know this already, but with the normal contributor and commentator contests we've done here, we've normally awarded 2 prizes. One is random prize, which is given to a single contributor from the previous month. Everyone who contributes a story / comments on a story is entered into that, but you only have one entry. The second prize is the weighted draw, where everyone gets an amount of entries equal to the number of stories / comments contributed by that person.

In the April & May contests (but *not* the June contest listed as a weighted draw above), we tried as an experiment just having weighted draws, but giving an additional weighting on everyone's scored based on the number of sources people used in contributions. So if you'd contributed 5 stories from 2 different sources, you'd have the same number of entries as someone who contributed 10 stories from a single source. But...that idea didn't turn out so well. It was intended to balance things a little better between our top contributors and the middle contributors, but as it turns out, our middle contributors seem to be more likely to stick to a single source than the top contributors, so it only made things even more lopsided.

aDDicteD3597d ago

yup, better late than never, congrats to the winners and good job guys!!

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