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Heroes of Cosplay

If you haven’t heard the Syfy channel is broadcasting a six episode series called “Heroes of Cosplay,” which airs at 9:00 pm on Tuesdays. Its goal seems to show how brutal and difficult cosplay is and the endless in fighting and drama of competing, at least that’s how I view the show. I know they are pretty much focusing on the competitive side but, come on.

I just watched episode two and thought there might be a little different maybe the show would be heading into another direction, but no. The problem I have with the show is the added dramatic tension between the people making the costumes and competing. Like all reality shows, there’s always these “coincidences” that happen during the show, its really amazing how none of them have been struck by lightning or hit by a meteorite.

The show seems to follow about five competitors each one cosplaying for different reasons, some for credibility, others to get their name out there to sale their own line of products, and others because its expected. For some reason it seems that most of them can’t seem to work on a time table because it seems that they are working on their costumes up until a couple of hours before the competition. Then while making their costumes they run into costumes problems or mechanical problems.

Honestly all I wanted to see are some great cosplay costumes and maybe some information on how they created their outfit. This dark side of cosplay, which seems that they are capturing or creating, is something that should be left out. I think the show is not covering cosplay in the best light and even at the end its like a flash through all the costumes maybe about twenty seconds or so of other people competing. It also seems that in an anime convention there are only about 10 people in cosplay.

As mentioned earlier the cosplayers who are doing an elaborate to medium quality outfit seem to have problems with time management. I mean if you know that you’re going to compete at this particular anime convention then maybe I would start working on it in advance, plus, if I feel that my costumes is not going to be ready I would probably focus on the next show so I can get the absolute best.

In the end i’m not a cosplayer I do enjoy watching people be creative with their work and thought that it was more about being your favorite character. I understand people do it competitively but I thought they also did it for fun. It’s also sad to say that some of the professionals who do it for a living are held to a higher standard like Ya ya Han who is a judge on the show. I like her personality and how she approaches her characters but people are always going to point out flaws in others and you don’t even have to be wearing a costume. Anyway that’s my 2 cents.

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