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Anime You Should be Watching; Future Diary

Future Diary

I just finished watching this series a few days ago and I can say that this is one of the best in its genre, which I would describe as thriller/horror. It is one of those animes that you can not stop watching, you have to get to the next episode to see what happens and it keeps you invested throughout the whole series and provides you with a mystery about the two main characters as well as how the game will unfold.

Future Diary is about a group of 12 individuals who receive the gift of telling the future through the use of their cell phones. This gift was granted to them by the god of space and time Dues Ex but there is a catch, they are participating in a game that will see 11 of them dead and the final survivor given the authority to be the new god of space and time.

Through the use of their phones they each have a different way of perceiving the future. Some diaries show future crimes, others show where a person will die, and some will show only the action of the diary holder. Basically the diary predictions are based on the character themselves and shows them what they desire. Throughout the game a character may receive a text which will read “dead end” meaning that the character will die soon and must find a way to avoid that future. With the rules in place it gives you a picture of how they must outwit their adversary by first identifying them and then which diary they carry.

The main protagonist is Yukiteru Amano who can be described as an introvert and a bit anti social, he doesn’t really have any friends and spends most of the time detailing his day in diary format on his cell phone. He tends to escape reality by fantasizing about the god of space and time but little does he realize that his fantasy is real, this is when he receives his gift and is nominated as 1st. Not long after being put into the game that he runs into the 2nd diary owner and personal stalker Yuno Gasai who is crazy in love with Yuki and only wants him to win the game and professes that she will see him win by any means necessary. Her diary is even linked to Yukies as she only talks about him, so her diary reflects what will happen to Yukie.

I believe all twelve of the diary holders and some of the side characters bring something to the table and I think people will definitely have some favorites, besides the main two I also very much enjoyed Minene Uryu designated as 9th, a well known terrorist who loves explosives and Yomotsu Hirasaka designated 12th who is basically a vigilante and a boy scout. These two have very interesting personalities and I enjoyed Yomotsu more because of the English dub which gives him a more theatrical tone which I think fits his character perfectly.

Yukie can be seen as a bit of a whiner and self absorbed and only using Yuno to win the game and basically just stay alive, that being true, his character does go through a transformation that completely changes him for the most part and gives him a determination to win the game. While Yuno is basically a psychopath first and stalker second. I’m not really sure what this says about me but I really enjoyed her character and with the other characters you are treated with a small tidbit at the end of each episode that gives you insight on how they received their diary.

At the end of each episode you are treated to a two minute mini episode featuring Murmur, Deus Ex’s assistant and servant. I really like that, as it does give you a glimpse into why all of them accepted the diary and just adds to the overall character development. That being said, some of the characters have had some very traumatic experiences which have altered some of them in a very strong way.

I will conclude this blog with a note on the ending, personally I think they could have did a better job, as it is almost unclear what happens. I pretty much figured out what happened with the clues they left, I was pleasantly surprised after confirming with Wikipedia, that I was correct. Apparently the anime may have finished before the manga so the end had not be written yet, however they give you all the ingredients and I think its best if you don’t over think it.

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blitzburns42801d ago

Agreed. It was a fantastic show. Was it perfect? No. Did it match Death Note, as many initially thought? No. Was it even unique or innovative? Not particularly.

I never watched the show for anything but what it was, one of the most entertaining shows I've seen in a year. Good article, I'm glad someone else agrees with me, especially considering the OVA fixed many people's complaints about the series' ending.

D3acon2798d ago

I didn't know there was a comparison to Death Note, I definitely agree that its not on the same par. As far as not being perfect I think the plot and story was pretty much spot on, with some mishaps I would put on some character meddling.

I had no expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. And its always good to have some good characters to root for. thanks for the post.