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Should Anime Become More Mainstream?

Should Anime Become More Mainstream?

This question was asked on a youtube channel I subscribed to, Giguk, a great anime reviewer and a lot of his opinions match my own so I do take a lot of what he says to heart. If you would like to see the video just search his name on youtube and I think that particular video was posted in August or September.

I’ve asked myself a long time ago if it would be a good thing if anime were to become more mainstream and grow even more popular but I do like the fact that it is a niche hobby, I guess a lot of enthusiasts who remember the anime of the 80’s and how difficult it was to get on vhs and accurate English dubs, or dubs period were a dream. I believe some feel like it was something to keep to themselves and I guess I would be one of them.

I’m not sure exactly what it is, maybe I like that anime is kind of obscure and a little weird at times, maybe I like the fact that some of my friends who I’ve peaked some of their interest into the genre ask my opinion on certain things, or maybe I just don’t want to see one of my favorite hobbies destroyed, so keeping it that niche hobby is a good thing.

It may not be all bad, some big studios might actually back some of the favorites and there might be more Transformers or Pacific Rims out there, but as a whole I think corporate America would see this as a chance to merchandise and ultimately ruin it. That may mean that if it were more mainstream it would be more exploitable which means you would see more of this shounen style anime to move product as well as watering down the genre, that is anime, as a whole. However, I guess if it were more mainstream people would stop thinking of them as just cartoons like Scooby doo, or Ben 10 or something. Perhaps, also stop referring to themselves as anime enthusiasts because they watch pokemon or Yugi oh or some other card or toy based game.

So should anime become more mainstream or is it mainstream enough?

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Gekko2149d ago

Even if anime did become mainstream I doubt it would have much effect for what gets made in Japan unless people bought their anime releases.

Dubs usually take an awfully long time to get produced in the West due to time constraints such as licensing, translating... and so on. If anime did became mainstream there would probably be more dubs in the market at a faster rate as well as possibly a lot more anime-influenced animation.

So, I'm all for anime becoming mainstream. I just hope it doesn't result in an influx in ''fujoshi'' anime if Free! is any indicator at all of what the future bestows.

D3acon2148d ago

I believe there would have to be a greater demand other than Japan before we would get dubbs quicker. I believe there may be an increase in anime that get produced because a lot of the shows get canceled because it didn't do well there but will perform greater in places like the United States.

As I said though, anything that is popular is going to be marketed to death and get every dime squeezed out of it, I mean look at how many zombie movies have been made and compare the amount of crap zombie movies to good ones.