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Anime You Should be Watching; Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

I would describe this as a gateway anime, so if you have anyone you’re trying to hook then I would suggest this show. The plot is simple and the characters are likable and the action and animation are top notch.

The overall plot involves a young waitress named Fuu who runs into two Ronin Samurai, Mugen and Jin who get into trouble and are expected to be put to death until she helps them escape. After saving their lives she tells them she needs help in finding a man who smells of sun flowers. The plot is simple but each episode is self contained and I would say the journey is more important than the plot.

As they travel from city to city they run into more than their share of problems which range from, Gangsters, women trafficking, individuals seeking revenge, Hooligans tagging an entire city, and some other more weird situations. These episodes are truly where the meat of the show lie. Their situation is not helped by the fact they are all flat broke and are constantly looking for ways to earn cash, sometimes as a bodyguard, other times as a prostitute, and of course they need a place to sleep.

The characters Mugen and Jin are not very deep but they are very enjoyable to watch and how they interact, as their meeting was by chance and both agreed to test who is the strongest, something they are willing to test even though one of them would die. Mugen has a very unorthodox fighting style as he tries to confuse his enemies with random movement and seems to fight more on instinct. Jin is level headed and more of a traditional samurai. The two clash on just about everything and makes a very unlikely pair but are more or less held together by Fuu. Fuu’s character is not bad but truly doesn’t add anything to the group, other than keeping the boys in line. Through the course of the journey you are treated to their motivations and little bit of their backgrounds.

Even though this is a simple show that doesn’t offer too much in the form of plot and character growth it does offer a lot in action and enjoyable characters and of course entertainment. There will be favorite episodes but the overall effect is watching someone else's’ vision of the Edo Period in Japan but with a Hip Hop theme added. The opening song and will have you nodding your head and just gives the show a sense of style. The animation is smooth and the action sequences are done very nicely.

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Black-Helghast2765d ago

Amazing anime. This anime was one of the few that got me into Animes/Mangas