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47 Ronin (2013)

47 Ronin

I just got home from watching 47 Ronin and honestly I’m not sure what to think about the movie. The movie has a good look to it and the acting, especially the Japanese cast, was superb. However there was something off in this movie, almost as if there were two versions, one for an American audience and perhaps one for a Japanese audience. Just writing that I think of the trailers; People believe Keanu Reaves is the main character but he is not which I think was just to get people willing to see it; Shameful Hollywood.

One issue I had was that there was a mythological theme but really wasn’t needed at all. When you are first introduced to some of this mythos, the people appear to be aware of the existence of theses things of legend. However, you only get a small taste of this in the movie and everything about it could have just been left out, and in my opinion may serve as some plot holes later on. I believe if your going to do something like this then create the world around it and make it seem believable and real.

I think if they would have focused more on the ways of the samurai or Bushido aspect more it may have been a better movie. Instead half of the movie is about revenge which is what 47 Ronin is about and the other is about love, which to me felt like a Hollywood tac on and partly because it really didn’t fit well or seemed off given the nature of the movie. I had a general idea of what the movie was about but not really the history, usually I like to know that or look it up, so afterwards I did look up the history.

After looking up the history and how true events went down, there was no mention of some love story and I doubt anything that would be so pronounced. I this is a problem I have with Hollywood, especially when they take movies from other countries and put “their” spin on it. Not to mention that this is a PG 13 movie which I didn’t know at the time so there is no blood at all and these types of movies are generally very violent.

My final point involves Keanu Reeves, I love Keanu Reeves and a recent movie he did Man of Taichi but truly he wasn’t needed in this movie. In fact no one white was needed in this movie. The only reason he was in this movie was to be called a half breed and his background really was not required. Bad Hollywood, bad.

I know it seems like I’m bashing the movie but I’m not. The actors are all good in my opinion and the movie looks great. I enjoyed what I saw and I know a few friends that would like it. The thing I think happened is that Hollywood made some unnecessary changes which had the potential to turn this movie into a great story. Instead it feels like they were only half in and half out in the direction the movie should take. Honestly I felt like this would have bee a great live- action anime adaptations of a classic story. Of course I may be wrong in my opinion, I haven’t read any reviews. I like to post my opinion before I read others. So I may come back and say, Hollywood was right…nah.

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SynGamer2730d ago

He definitely wasn't meant to be in this movie, definitely didn't fit, but...I like him as an actor and a person and it could have been worse.

I remember reading an interview with him and he talked about how the movie had to go through a few re-writes and re-shoots. From what it sounds like, the movie turned out better than originally anticipated :)

D3acon2729d ago

I forgot to mention, to those who plan on seeing it don't bother paying for 3D its hardly used and a lot of the time you won't need the glasses.

D3acon2730d ago

I feel he played his role well. I've read some more about the movie and some say the reshoots were added to include keanu more. That sounds typical.

If you like keanu check out man of taichi I believe its written and directed by him. I saw ot on amazon video and it says see nefore it comes out in theaters.