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Super Sonico my 2 cents

Super Sonico, wow. I didn't know what to expect but I did expect more. I know she's a mascot and this is really just for the fans but I think her fans deserve better. I watched this anime to episode 4 hoping it would improve but the more I watched the more annoyed I became.

The first thing that annoyed me was her outfit, usually this never bothers me but for some reason the way they chose to portray her image didn't sit well with me. I mean all her other outfits were cool but her main one just didn't sit well. Camo vest with cat tail and some pink leg stockings. Then the head phones, she wears them all the time since she was a little girl but never uses them and just seems odd. mine you I was bothere by her kabuki mask wearing manager.

The other issue is her personality which isn't bad but too cliche. Super sonico is the nicest and most nieve as well as most hard working person in the world. Her bad traits are more like her cute traits, I don't like to get up in the mornings , im a bit of a klutz buts its ok its cute. She doesn't strike me as a rocker at all more of a pop star. I would have enjoyed the rock girl in blue jeans and tshirt perhaps give it more of a Nana or Beck feel but doesn't have to be as serious.
Then the other couple of things is that the show is boring. There is really no conflict and basically just follows her day to day life. And to add insult to injury I believe the music is sub par and when they do play it ends up being the end credits in terrible CG or still shots. I believe if your anime is going to be about music the music should at least be good.

This was just my 2 cents. I wasn't expecting much and I knew this was something for the fans and to increase marketing and sales but this is one of the most hollow anime s I've watched.

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