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How Do You Choose Your Anime?

I’ve been curious about how people choose their favorite anime. That favorite show or movie that you’ve been watching for years or that one show that just sticks in your mind, how did you come to find this show? What’s that one x factor that might make you stop and look at it?

For myself I can say it has been almost solely on word of mouth and sometimes just luck. I know there are a lot of popular shows out there but honestly most shows that seem popular to everyone doesn’t seem so popular in my eyes. Bleach is one of the most popular animes out there and yet I could care less about it, but something like Future Diary or Chaos Head are two anime I enjoy that a lot of people do not.. Every now and then I might see something on amazon and read a review and check it out. Usually the plot and the animation are important to me, but that is how I go about things.

Providers like Netflix actually got me back into anime after a few years of hiatus and shows like Toonami has continued to expand my anime experience. Shows like Space Dandy, Deadman Wonderland, and recently Blue Exorcist has given me a few animes to look forward as they are something I wouldn’t have considered watching; who says Toonami not doing their job. Also services like Crunchyroll is keeping me up to date on new releases.

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ExCest2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

The good ol' random button on [a website I shouldn't be talking about here *ahem* ~ Archaic] helps me find anime (mostly older anime). Otherwise, I just follow anichart for new anime.

ExCest2649d ago

LOL now I know, Mr. Archaic.

Archaic2649d ago

Most of my top anime, I've simply run into over the course of the regular seasons. The premise sounded interested, I started watching it, I liked it. There's been a few shows I've only run into from word of mouth later on, but those are few and far between. Usually those ones are things I missed from years back, when it was harder to (legally) watch anime direct from Japan.

D3acon2649d ago (Edited 2649d ago )

I thought it was just me. That's basically how I found my anime /manga. Knight's of sidonnia was by pure chance since I'd only read started reading one manga before that. I think this is the reason we still need TVs and shows like toonami. Seems that they have picked up the pace with new shows,hopefully they will bring back Korgath of barbaria.

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