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Anime You Should Be Watching: Robotic; Notes

Robotic; Notes i’m not really sure how I got into this show but I just finished watching a few hours ago and it was a great experience. I remember seeing a brief animation of it and learned that there was some sort of mystery outside of the beginning story of a Robotics Research Club designing robots and using them to battle in tournaments.

The main characters are Akiho Senomiya and Kaito Yashio who have been childhood friends and attend the same school. Akiho can be described as an energetic, charismatic, positive, never say quit type of girl with a very quirky and indeed nerdy affinity to robots. Kaito is a gamer, he plays constantly and typically pretends not to care and since he’s ranked number 2 in the world in a game called Kill Ballard he always says i’ll do anything you want if you beat me in a game of kill Ballard. He can also be described as lazy as he doesn’t really exert himself.

The more interesting back story takes place when they were younger and an event took place called the Anemone event in which a ferry of people collapsed for no reason and then suddenly awoke with only the main characters suffering from any effects. This event led them to suffer from something called the Elephant Mouse Syndrome in which Akiho will experience time moving faster than normal and Kaito makes it seem time is slowing down. Everytime they experience an attack it can be life threatening and very painful.

The other characters are Juuna a less than confident girl who is always willing to help but terrified of robots. Sweet and innocent is her best description. Then Subaru, the level headed logical type with a love of robots but his father despises them and doesn’t allow him to work on robots and of course wants him to continue in the family business. Then perhaps my favorite character Frau, a very intelligent game designer who includes texting acronyms constantly when she’s talking and is a bit of a pervert.

As it begins Akhio is trying to follow in her older sisters footsteps and wants to build a giant robot, the problem is that she doesn’t have any members in her club, so naturally she beings recruiting around the school until enough people join that will keep the club from disbanding. After they enter their first tournament the show seems as if that’s the goal, to create robots and keep winning until they become number one, however around episode 5 a very different story starts to emerge.

Its during this secondary story that things start to get a little...intriguing. Their world starts to unravel and a bigger picture starts to unfold. The year is 2019 and throughout the show you hear news reports about solar flares reaching earth and a solar storm that’s seems to be getting closer. Also due to the solar events Japan has their own version of the Northern Lights. Its also at this point were Kaito begins to exert himself a bit as he stumbles upon the Ko Kimishima reports that he must unlock events to gain access to each report detailing the conspiracy.
I’m not going to get too deep into the story but the story itself does draw upon real events and conspiracy theories which, for me, make it more enjoyable. Have you ever heard of a Monopole, neither have I but apparently its a magnet with only one pole. The show even goes into the New World Order conspiracy which is basically a number of individuals have gathered to trigger events that would reduce the world population and setup a new single government.

I’m no Conspiracy nut but I did get a little worried after watching some of the interviews on the bonus section where they are talking about manipulation of peoples minds. The reason is because I bought this Blu Ray without knowing that it had ties into Steins; Gate, or Chaos; Head. I bought each one of those separately and bought them “seemingly” at random. I know the semicolons should have been a give away but apparently not to me. The entire time I’m sitting there saying this is a lot like Stein’s; Gate, I wonder if the group Sern is the same group in this anime, hey some of this seems to tie into Chaos; Head. Hey I think this event was mentioned in Stein’s; Gate...nah. Then watching the interview as they say that it is all connected blew my tiny mind.

I really enjoyed this anime and although I only mention the main characters there are about four other major characters and maybe another three minor characters. I thought the characters were voiced well and I really enjoyed them all. The pacing kept me interested all the way through giving me enough to want to watch all the way to the end without stopping. Also there wasn’t a lot of filler, basically when they were building there wasn’t a whole episode of them intricately building every detail, they pretty much showed them start and then 30 seconds later it was built and only mentioned worth major details.

The animation and overall look of the anime is amazing and the level of technology didn’t seem so far fetched for 2019. I would recommend this show for any science fiction fan and if you liked Stein's: Gate or even Chaos; Head you will definitely enjoy this one.

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ExCest1844d ago

lol I can't remember her name but that girl in the front of the picture in your blog was the little girl in Steins;Gate. She was the big scruffy guy's daughter all grown up.

D3acon1844d ago

Oh wow now I have to go and watch it again.

ExCest1844d ago

yea the show is supposed to take place in the 1st world line of Steins;Gate about 10 years later. At least I think so. I have the bluray and I intend to watch it soon.

D3acon1843d ago

I started watching late last night I think I got to episode 8 then I lost contiousness . I really enjoy the show and the character interaction still makes me laugh.