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Anime You Should be Watching; Madoka Magica

I have to say that I only watched this show because I keep hearing about it and it recently came to netflix, so I said why not. I really am not into magical girls even though I grew up with shows like Sailor Moon. However, this show is not your typical magical girl genre, the first episode really misleads you into thinking that its your typical cute girl who becomes a magical girl to fight monsters type show.

For those who don’t know what makes a magical girl then I guess a magical girl can be described as a girl whom receives powers from some deity, typically a talking animal of some sort and then proceeds to use said powers to fight bad stuff and eat cake and have girl talk, or something to that effect. What this show does is actually explain why the girls receive their powers and then really becomes quite dark.

The story begins with a teen girl Madoka and her friend Sayaka who run into one of these deities named Kyubey who basically states that they have something inside of them that will warrant them into being contracted to become a magical girl. So the girls are given a chance to have one wish granted and in return will become a magical girl to fight witches. Its worth mentioning that their powers manifest themselves depending on the wish they make.

I know most of us would be like, what? Whatever we want and then after the wish I become a powerful magical person...or maybe chuckle under our breath saying something like finally unlimited power. However, Sayaka and Madoka do something unexpected and state they need time to decide after the cat type rabbit is expecting them to just sign up all willy nilly. During that time they meet a veteran witch named Mami who is all for them signing up because its the best thing since sliced bread and soon after meet another girl named Homura who is wholeheartedly against any contracts or deals that Kyubey is offering.

I very much enjoyed all the girls and as I said earlier after the first episode the series takes a really dark path and will leave you with a WTF moment soon after. As the series progresses we are given a different take on the whole magical girl theme and even hints of in fighting among the girls and Homura hiding a some secret from the girls which is later revealed.

I also want to mention the outlandish take on the witches and their “domains.” I think its a cool idea and very different, it reminded me of Monty Python with the crazy geometry and weird looking. Apparently witch world is like tripping on acid which I guess is fitting.

This is another one of those anime shows that want you to keep watching in one sitting because each ending makes you want to see the next episode. The story, in my opinion, is very tight and a good take on an old genre. I was also completely happy with the ending after episode 12 and I look forward to the movies. So if you’re not into magical girls still gives this one a chance and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. For those who have seen it, how awesome is Mami?

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SynGamer1965d ago

This was actually one of the next series on my list. I keep hearing nothing but great things about it. I thought it was on FUNimation but apparently not. I'll have to try and find the blu-ray for cheap somewhere.