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Archaic, just a note here. I noticed the images problems that these people are referring to while running FilmWatch. Images just wouldn't show up. I've found the problem with that, though:

Images can't be uploaded with blogs. Rather they need to be hosted somewhere else and use the "Paste Image URL Here" option rather than trying to upload.

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Wonder is Jane Russell's niece? Did not know that.

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Agreed. As long as it's japanese related I think it should be fine. But if we're talking Dead Rising or Lara Croft or something like that, no.

On that note I also don't want to see just floods of cosplay stuff either. Like the way some sites will just flood n4g with article after article of cosplay stuff that's clearly just intended to be porn-ish to attract hits. Doing it on a daily basis. And I don't think some hit-seeking/one-image "article" ...

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No I'm not the one writing the summarization. I can simply copy and paste from the source. And what I copied and pasted there is the entire "article" (minus the chart). In fact, if anything is wrong here, it's your report. You can't report ME for a problem you have with the source site. If you'd read the article you see it is CLEARLY marked in the story that they're talking about DVDs. Hence the big DVD logo. I marked as fixed cause there's nothing to fix. I ...

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I can only submit things how sites write them up. You guys seem to forget it's OTHER sites writing these stories. Not me.

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