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When clutching for the win, cars drive better with three pedals at the feet.


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Except, those bluray's would have come from Japan.

I'd of bought One Punch Man on blurry myself... ..if I could afford it that is.

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Streaming the sub first... and maybe producing a dub if it's popular. I guess that explains why subbed anime are becoming the norm. If I didn't enjoy subbed anime as much as I do, I'd too be pissed that'd I'd have to wait for a year or longer for dub to even become a possibility.


The go to places for anime that won't ever likely see a physical release in North America. On top of...

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I absolutely love his character. Its so funny watching the gary stu trope turned on it's head. lol. It's becomes even more amusing in fanficion. Especially when authors try to get a handle on his ridiculous power without depowering hm.

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Maybe it's because of the pole shoved up his...


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I really liked the opening theme. That aside, I had to view the show a least twice to wrap my head around wtf was going on. Cheap shows, you consume in one bite, thought provoking shows like Lain, they have many delicious layers.

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It's also one the few dubs that's as enjoyable as the sub thanks to it's European like settings.

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I'm guessing it's going to disappear from Netflix as well.

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Um.. cuz it's different than the majority of what passes as entertainment in north america. There are a few shining examples like avatar or venture brothers but those are the exception not the rule.

Granted, a good deal of anime falls into the high shcool trope and even more run wild with themes of technicolor hair. But for the most part, anime has more substance than what's generally on Nickelodeon or disney.

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Well, they still have their streaming service, so maybe they're considering a cable channel as something extra on the side.

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I've got no complaints when those sub only shows make their way onto Netflix, non what so ever.

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So long as the main cast does't have hair that was plucked straight from a rainbow without reason or involves middle or high school, I'm game.

I wouldn't mind a show like Space Brothers or Stein's Gate.

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It's all about the contrast. Looks more exotic that way, just as much as a naturally blond black guy or girl would. Then again Xmen's 'Storm' always did look something a drow, oozing all that exotic appeal.

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Princess jellyfish...

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Yeah, that kinda snuck up on me. By the time I realized Namie grew out, I had stopped paying attention to her appearance and more of her character. Ditto with Robin & the strawhat's assorted friends. If you're a new comer to the series, then yeah, that's the first thing you'll notice.

But hey, in a world were bodily proportions are mere guide and not a rule, Namie & Robin seem kinda adverage.

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Imo... The best ones have almost nothing ecchi. It's more plausible when only one or two characters in them just happen to be a mite top heavy. If the main protagonist's chest is at least half as large as their head, it becomes a bit difficult to take seriously.

Don't get me started on the high school genre that Japan seems to orbit around. At least some shows skip the school part entirely, even though cast are still in their teens.

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Mark my words, this will spawn a third series following Shippuden. The saga will continue, but with 10% more filler.

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Didn't know that. It's kinda strange how a direct translation can effect the way someone perceives a name. The first thing that jumped to mind, was that read a simular plot in some fanfic, one In which the oc was given a lackluster name.

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Boruto...? Couldn't he have come up with a name that doesn't sound like a self insert from fanfiction.

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Its official, DBZ has gone towards the rainbow. Bulma & Trunks I can manage, but a technicolor tone like cyan for the main characters... well... I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later.

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Streaming outlets such as chruchyroll netflix and hulu help a great deal too.

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