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And you know this how? It clearly states "sixth episode" on the square enix store page.

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It will be on the internet, day 1 after it comes into peoples hands.

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Sorry i cant take a random post from someone that joined 6 days ago seriously. Basically the same thing right?

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GT was never canon to begin with. Akira Toriyama did not write the series nor was there ever an manga series to base of it. Sure it was part of the universe and koei did produce the episodes so that is why they are part of the game, but they were never canon with the story.

Akira Toriyama did come up with the design for SSJ4, so you never know. Plus as you know they are already adding "villians" from the different universes within the multiverse. So their is plenty ...

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Maybe introduce an enemy that emits an aura that neutralizes their powers. Bringing them down to a level the humans are capable of fighting on. The enemy hasnt developed his own fighting skills, but found a way to bring everyone he is fighting down their his level so he can match them.

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Technicly. Battle of the Gods/Resurection of F/Super saiyan god has not been confirmed as canon or not canon either.

But since Akira Toriyama is actually doing the story, that we can guess will be canon. But cant 100% until he confirms it.

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Misleading title.

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@ LogicalReason

Did you just claim that DBZ and DB are in different universes and arent the same thing?

They ARE the same thing. Just set in different time periods. DB started in Age 749 and DBZ started in Age 760. They are in the same universe.

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Seems like one of those sites that just want people to click them to get revenue from ads. This is just some arbitrary list giving 10 characters with backgrounds.

Hey guys click on my heavy ad'ed site to find out the top 3 types of paper.

1. White - Its white
2. construction paper - cause i said so.
3. tabloid - cause its cool.

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Kirito's avatar in GGO is the rare «M9000» type, which is speculated to be the result of an extremely rare occurrence of the system misinterpreting the player's brain waves (the system identifies the gender of the player via their brainwaves, but, on rare occasions, due to some impulse, it chooses the appearance of the opposite gender).

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